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I'll Help You Get From Success to Significance

When you are intentional about what you do and live in your strengths, your outcomes will change significantly.

Deborah Leben

Design your life with intention and purpose because, as John Maxwell says,

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Nobody finishes well on accident.

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Working With Me


Empowering You: 1:1 & Group Coaching

If you are searching for a better way to communicate with others, understand your strengths, and use those strengths in every aspect of your life, this program is for you. We use the Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator to reveal your natural abilities - what you are good at, and how to use those strengths, and identify communication strategies to connect with others.


Discovering Your Career

Are you living your dream or living someone else’s dream? If you are struggling with deciding what to do with your career or going through a career transition, this program is for you. We will dig deep into your desires and turn those desires into everyday living.


Developing High Performing Teams

If employees are running out the door for greener pastures, you have collusion in the workplace, and your customer service needs an extreme makeover, stop here. We work with executives to create a customized program to improve team performance, succession planning for future leaders, retention, and the customer experience.

Deborah is an incredible professional that is truly invested in the success of her clients.

She is not only greatly knowledgeable but also resourceful in the area of leadership.


She has the innate ability to bring people together while empowering and motivating them.

This first impression of Deborah has held true. Whether in her career or personal life, she has qualities that are admirable to everyone she encounters. A lifelong learner; she is always seeking to broaden her knowledge base. She uses her knowledge and acumen to succeed and makes sure everyone around her succeeds too.


Debbie is an enthusiastic mentor who is a great listener. Her adept skills of analyzing the problem at hand helps her dive deeply in getting to the heart of the matter no matter the subject.

As a natural problem solver, Debbie is upbeat and eager to share her experience and professional network in guiding you along your path. Her ability to bridge that gap, enables her to shine as a member of any team. Her organizational efforts have contributed to many successful Executive Women in Government events. This style of leadership continues to serve her agency well and will be an asset to all of her future endeavors.


Hi, I’m Debbie.

Since the third grade, I was fascinated by crime-solving TV shows and how agencies came together to solve crimes.  I pursued my dream career in forensic science at the U.S. Secret Service as a Fingerprint Specialist and was promoted to Director of the Crime Laboratory and Global Evidence Operations. Along the way, I noticed people coming to work each day, not because they were living their dream but just for the paycheck. Since this discovery, I am committed to helping people pursue their dream careers while living a more fulfilled life beyond the paycheck.  

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach and Behavioral DISC Consultant, I found great insights in John Maxwell’s leadership philosophy. Adopting John Maxwell’s mantra that “Nobody finishes well on accident” I am hired to work with students to find a career path that matches their strengths, professionals who are in career transition looking for more, and executives who are serious about elevating team performance and retention.  I focus on bringing people together on common ground to create connections across an organization and get results.

My mission is to partner with people and their teams to discover their strengths and value and find careers that utilize those strengths’ taking them from success to significance. 

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