DISC Personality Reports


As a Maxwell certified Behavioral Analysis Trainer, I offer the following opportunities to identify your strengths, sharpen your skills, excel in your communication with others, and increase effectiveness of your team.  Listed below are the most popular reports requested by families, businesses, and students.  Contact me to customize options that are best suited for you personal and professional needs.


Coaching with the Maxwell Method of DISC Reports 


The Maxwell DISC reports raise self awareness by helping you understand your:

  • DISC communication style (Maxwell DISC Personality Indicator)
  • The communication style of others and how to connect to them
  • The ideal environment to bring your best forward
  • Strengths in 7 key areas of influence
  • And how to grow into your potential


Benchmark and Interview Report

The Benchmark and Interview Report is used to create a benchmark for a staff role and for candidates to take and map candidates DISC style, Work Value, Team Style and Behavioral Attitude Index. For the interviewer this report provides customized interview questions based on how close the candidate is to benchmark for the role. 


Entrepreneurs Report

The Entrepreneurs Report is for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with insight into their best environment, communication style, strengths, work style, and their selling strengths and challenges. It is powerful information for every entrepreneur!   


Group Report

The Group Report can be utilized only when the members of the group first take the Maxwell DISC Report. The Maxwell DISC Group report aggregates the data from those reports for up to 70. It provides Key characteristics of the team, specific ways the leader can optimize their performance, the collective power of the team, and how to lead them in a way that is unique to them and highly effective for the organization, a snapshot of how your team style transforms under pressure. This will enable leaders to identify the gaps on missing or low strengths of your entire team.  


Sales Leader Profile

The Sales Leader Profile Report is recommended for anyone who is responsible to lead, manage and motivate sales reps. The Sales Managers will be provided with the Maxwell DISC Sales Leader Profile which provides insight to motivate and maximize each sales professional based on their unique selling style. They will learn the techniques and approaches to connect to the unique style of each member of their team so they can lead them to higher results.   


Student Career Report

The Student Career Report is for students ages 15 and up as well as those amid career transition providing a well-rounded view of your communication style, how your ideals show up in the work they do, cognitive thinking and learning styles,  leadership strengths as shown in the Power DISC the way they most influence results.    Contact me for pricing options and details!   The bottom line in business is results! Our Maxwell DISC Method training can help your team to work more effectively together to minimize conflict and maximize results. 




In this one minute and 14 second video, learn how we can partner together to turn the dial on your team’s results. 

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