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In 2015, I took Dave Ramsey’s nine- week course through Financial Peace University and my mindset changed completely!   During and after the class, I took proactive steps following Dave’s 7 baby steps and started drilling down on my debt significantly.  Just a shift in thinking, tracking, and putting “gazelle intensity” behind your actions will get you to financial peace as quickly and as you are willing to get to work, but it will take work!

If you are ready to take action now and leave a legacy for your loved ones, contact me to sign up for a private or group class through Financial Peace University.   I will navigate you through the 7 baby steps and design a strategy to hit your debt straight on so that you can begin building wealth exponentially.

Everyone has a unique story, especially when it comes to their finances. Some people are just starting out, while others wish they could start over from scratch. Regardless of where you are on your journey, my mission is to give you hope for the future!

Ready to get started? Great!  Register for my Financial Peace University Class here!


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