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We help people transform dreams into everyday living. When you design your life and your teams with intention and purpose, you can elevate performance with CONFIDENCE and SIGNIFICANCE.

My Story

Love what you do; it is more than just a J.O.B…

I decided at a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement and after hours of watching crime-solving TV shows, I completed my education and was excited to start my career in the crime laboratory. I loved all aspects of my work and could not wait to get up and meet the day’s challenges. I believe that when you follow your dreams, your career is not about the J-O-B; it is about creating a lifestyle filled with curiosity, personal growth, and fulfillment. Along my career journey, I met people who were not living their dream and were searching for something more satisfying. I began working with people through one-on-one meetings to identify and achieve their goals and discovered how coaching can make a difference in the lives of others.

Today, I am a certified coach, teacher, trainer, and DISC Consultant with the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team. I offer customized solutions that accelerate personal and professional growth so people can confidently communicate what they want and live differently. I work with students trying to identify careers that match their strengths, individuals in career transition, and executives who want to improve retention, performance, and employee experience that keeps them coming back for more. I thrive on getting people in the right seats so that everybody wins.

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Our Misson

Our mission is to help individuals and teams discover their strengths and identify careers where they can thrive beyond just getting the paycheck.

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Deborah Leben is a certified career coach, keynote speaker, trainer, and Maxwell DISC consultant with the Maxwell Certified Leadership Team. She pursued a career that she desired at an early age, and was hired in federal law enforcement as a forensic scientist succeeding to Director of the US Secret Service Crime Laboratory. Deborah believes that your outcomes change significantly when you pursue a career that aligns with your values, your why, and your top strengths. She is committed to helping people pursue their dream careers, living a fulfilled life that is beyond just coming in for the paycheck. She is committed to helping you and your teams go from achieving personal success to making a significant impact with others.

Deborah is a member of the International Coaching Federation, a member of the Ambassadors Council with the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce, and certified by the Cognitive & Positive Psychology Institute.


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Keynote Appearances:

Over 100 keynotes and training sessions

Career Development

Forensic Science


Research & Development

Keynote and training locations:

Chamber of Commerce

Local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement

International Association for Identification – parent body conferences

Divisions: California, Chesapeake Bay, Florida, New England, New Jersey, Ohio, Pacific Northwest, Texas

Nonprofit Associations

Rotary International

Secondary Schools

Toastmasters International


Speaking Topics

A New Kind of Diversity in the Workplace

Careers for You – Finding Your Passion and Purpose

Coaching for High Performance

Cultural Transformation

Developing the Leader Within You and Leaders Around You

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

High-Performance Leadership and Teams

Leading a Life of Significance and a More Fulfilled Life

Leading Through Difficult Situations and Conflict

Maxwell Method of DISC for individuals, teams, communities, and families

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