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Deborah Leben – Executive Career Coach – DL Coaching 

“Nobody finishes well by accident.” John C. Maxwell, Intentional Living: Choosing a Life That Matters 

Deborah Leben started her career in the federal government at the United States Secret Service as a Fingerprint Specialist. She advanced to senior leadership positions, including Director of the Secret Service Crime Laboratory, Office of Investigations, and Strategic Program Advisor, Office of Human Resources. In 2017, she achieved the Senior Executive Service certification. 

During her career, Deborah led programs focused on advancing forensic science globally. She partnered with government, industry, and university forensic programs bringing together students and industry experts to collaborate and design novel techniques to expedite casework and forensic results to resolve cases faster and reduce crime on the streets.

While serving in government, Deborah discovered through one-on-one meetings that many people did not have goals and were just working for the paycheck. Following retirement, Deborah became an Executive Coach and DISC Consultant as a Maxwell Certified Leadership team member and now offers customized solutions to accelerate personal and professional growth through proven leadership methods. Deborah believes that coaching and professional development help people confidently communicate what they want and live differently.  She focuses on bringing people together on common ground to create synergy across an organization. Deborah works with students to assess career choices that match their strengths, with people in career transition looking for a change and executives focused on improving retention, team performance, and the employee experience. 

Deborah’s mission is to help individuals and teams discover their strengths and find careers that utilize those strengths’ taking them from success to significance. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and certified by the Cognitive Applied Positive Psychology Institute.   She is Adjunct Faculty at the George Mason University Forensic Science Program.      703-217-4583

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