Benchmark and Interview Report


The Benchmark and Interview Reports are used to create a benchmark for a staff role and for candidates to take and map candidates DISC style, Work Value, Team Style and Behavioral Attitude Index. For the interviewer this report provides customized interview questions based on how close the candidate is to benchmark for the role.


Elevate Your Hiring Process with the John Maxwell Benchmarking and Interview Report!

Streamline your staff recruitment and create unparalleled alignment with the Benchmark and Interview Reports by John Maxwell. This dynamic tool not only establishes a benchmark for staff roles but also empowers candidates to map their DISC style, Work Value, Team Style, and Behavioral Attitude Index.

Key Features:

  1. Role-Specific Benchmarking: Craft a benchmark tailored to your staff roles, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.
  2. Candidate Insight: Candidates gain valuable self-awareness by mapping their DISC style, Work Value, Team Style, and Behavioral Attitude Index.
  3. Customized Interview Questions: For interviewers, this report provides tailored questions based on candidate proximity to the role benchmark, enhancing interview effectiveness.

Why Choose Us:

  • Precision Hiring: Craft role-specific benchmarks for seamless alignment with organizational goals.
  • Candidate Empowerment: Provide candidates with a comprehensive professional profile for career development.
  • Efficient Interviews: Save time with customized interview questions, making informed hiring decisions quickly.
  • John Maxwell Expertise: Benefit from the insights of leadership expert John Maxwell for unparalleled reliability.

Next Steps:
Upon purchase, expect an email within 48 hours containing access to the John Maxwell Benchmarking and Interview Reports. Revolutionize your hiring process, align your team, and pave the way for success!

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